December 2, 2014

Cyber Monday Sale Continues

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Today is the last day of the Cyber Sale on TpT! Hurry over and do your shopping. Everything in my store is on sale and if you enter TPTCYBER you get even more savings. This is BIG!!!

Here are a few of my favorites…

December 1, 2014

What I’ll be teaching .. December


Happy Happy Happy December! Today is a BIG DAY in the TpT World. It’s the Cyber Monday Sale. Every item in my store is on sale AND… if you enter TPTCYBER you can get even MORE savings. Crazy good deals!

3am_Cyber Sale 2014-C2

Here are a few products I have that I will be using in the next few weeks.

You can click on each cover design below to go straight to that product.

Slide1 abcordercc1christmasmathsheetschristmasunitchristmasunit2months1homophones

Don’t forget the Cyber Sale is today and tomorrow only {Monday and Tuesday}. Everything in my store is on sale but enter TPTCYBER to save more!

Happy, Happy. Happy SHOPPING!

Doodle Bugs Teaching Store

November 29, 2014

Christmas Cut and Paste Printables


Are you ready for Christmas? I have the perfect set of cut and paste Christmas printables for you to use in the month of December. I use these each morning for morning work. They are great independent activities for my first graders to work on when they first come into the room.


There are 27 printables / worksheets included which is WAY more than we will have time to complete between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here is what is included…

What is included:
1. Days of the week
2. Months of the year
3. Number Words (zero-ten)
4. Number Words (zero- twelve)
5. Number Words (up to one hundred)
6. Number Words (up to one hundred)
7. Doubles Math Facts
8. Addition Facts
9. Addition Facts
10. Subtraction Facts
11. Subtraction Facts
12. Greater / Less Than
13. Greater / Less Than
14. Even and Odd Sort
15. Even and Odd Sort
16. Color and Number Word Sort
17. Months and Days Sort
18. Coin Sort
19. Counting Coins
20. What letter comes next
21. What letter comes before
22. What number comes next
23. What number comes before
24. Telling time to the hour
25. Telling time to the half hour
26. Ordering Numbers from least to greatest
27. Ordering Numbers from least to greatest


We only have 13 days between after Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Break so I choose the 13 sheets that will be the best for my first graders to do and went ahead and prepped them all at once. {It is so handy to have them completely done!} I just pull one each morning and have it sitting on their desk for them to work when they get to the room.


I print the “pieces” or the paper the students have to cut on colored paper. This is not necessary AT ALL but I like the pieces on a different colored paper than the background paper.

IMG_7849     IMG_7852

I also copied a few extra of these sheets to tuck into my “extra work folder” for when I need a spur of the moment time filler or if I have to be out unexpectedly they can be used for sub-work.

IMG_7854   IMG_7853

Head over to my store to see more or to purchase if you are interested:

Christmas Cut and Paste Printables

November 28, 2014

Five for Friday {Linky Party.. November 28}


Five for Friday is a weekly teacher linky party where you post five random things from today or this past week and on your blog. Then, you come back and link your blog post up at the bottom of this post in the linky tool.Grab the button above and link back to this post on your blog.

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Happy Black Friday! Are you out shopping? I think you pretty much have to be out shopping on Thursday night to find the super great deals?!?

I am spending the day working in my classroom. Packing up the turkeys and bringing in the elves. We have 13 days from Monday until we get out for Christmas Break. There is a lot of work and TONS of fun to squeeze into those 13 days.

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Yesterday we had a very simple Thanksgiving lunch with a few members of my husband’s family. It was nothing fancy but was still yummy! However, we had tons of food for a small crowd so we will be eating leftovers for a week.

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IMG_6204    IMG_6400PicMonkey CollageIMG_6434      IMG_5307

I’ve spent the majority of my Thanksgiving Break working on stationery orders for my Doodle Bugs Paper business. Sunday is the last day to order before Christmas. I will be closing the website down until after Christmas while I finish processing orders.

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3am_Cyber Sale 2014-C2

There will be a HUGE sale for Cyber Monday and Tuesday on TpT. My whole store will be on sale and if you enter the code TPTCYBER you can save even more! Jump on OVER and start shopping on Monday and Tuesday!

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I am going to give Five for Friday a little mini-vacation during the month of December. You are welcome to still post your Five for Friday using the buttons but I will not provide the weekly linkup until January. See you back here on Friday, January 2nd!

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving.. and looking forward to a Merry, Merry Christmas! Link up below!

November 20, 2014

Five for Friday {Linky Party.. November 21}


Five for Friday is a weekly teacher linky party where you post five random things from today or this past week and on your blog. Then, you come back and link your blog post up at the bottom of this post in the linky tool.Grab the button above and link back to this post on your blog.

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Definitely the BIGGEST news and what has consumed my last two weeks would be my computer troubles. We are still not sure what happened. Power surge or my pc shortened out and also fried my printer too. Either way my world was turned upside when last week.

But, I am now the proud owner of a new computer, monitor and printer. This was my work setup so I was in a huge panic. It was a sleepless, lot of praying and pacing the floor week.

Everything is back to normal now and I am back working. Praise GOD!

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IMG_7741   IMG_7742

And, in the middle of the computer problem craziness I have three holiday shows for my Doodle Bugs stationery show this past week.

IMG_7746     IMG_7772

I have also listed some sale items on my Doodle Bugs Blog.


And the last day to place a personalized order will be November 30th.

Shop online: Doodle Bugs Paper 

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I also had tons of work to do this week for two online classes I am taking. Thankfully, I did have my laptop through all the computer craziness. I am taking two “fast paced” 4 week classes. It was definitely NOT the best time to sign up for these. And, to be very, very honest.. I am a TERRIBLE student!

Going back go school for any reason is not in my future. Both of these classes are for CEU credits to renew my license. My thoughts were it was better to do it online than to give up 2 weeks of my summer.

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And since this is my teaching blog.. I need to at least tell you something we have done this past week. These are the only pictures I have so let me show you our weekly afternoon math centers.


Number word practice


Even and Odd Pocket Chart Sort


tally mark counting


number word find and color

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and #5 is the best..


Bring on the much needed break! And can you believe that it will be December when we go back to school?!?!

Happy Happy Thanksgiving! I am extremely grateful for



.. link up below!